Erin E. Moulton

I want to write but I don't know where to start. Can you help?

Erin E. Moulton responded on 07/25/2016

Thanks so much for the question. I don't know if I can help, but I can try. One of the most freeing things for me is to know that I can revise a piece of writing. This, of course, means that in the initial stages, I can be rather sloppy. I can write messily and not worry about logic lapses or punctuation errors. To be able to write freely and just for the fun of the story is the best! If you can put your worries aside, that will make the process easier. The other thing I would do is make sure you have a good space for writing. A comfy nook with some of your favorite things. For me, that is tea and a large format journal to storyboard on, and pictures of some of my writing friends, and big post it notes so that I can write reminders down, and a fireplace to keep it cozy. What would you put in your writing nook?

I hope this helps and happy writing!

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